a conscious thought.
pondered by S. Kukulka

London Fashion Week day IV

THE most busy day of them all- hence why I’m writing this the evening of day V. Monday saw a full day of shows, running between Somerset House and Vauxhall Fashion Scout, coffee’s from Starbucks, queues lasting 45 minutes, and a gorgeous clear sky that crippled the night air. 

The variation between the collections made it all the more fun, starting with Christian Blanken’s block coloured, robotic city rockers. A white and black start, transitioned dramatically into hot pinks, and daffodil yellows. 

Next up was Craig Lawrence’s knitted under the sea vision, with silver, reflective yarn metamorphosing into all kinds of sea urchins, sponges, and scales. These creations were even more captivating under flash photography, and spot-lights.  

A little while later it was over to Vauxhaull for the DAS show by Dubai based designers Reem & Hind Beljafla. Floor length gowns in rich thick silks were volumised as the models strode the runway, oversized chandelier gems-a-dangling. 

After a wine or two, it was the show of the day- Pam Hogg. A psychotic transition of half-dressed hospitalised nurses lead to superheros, ending in tulle topped dolls. 

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails… arhhh then it was time for Day V.